Decorating your home can be very fun and exciting. However it can also be a challenge in some cases. The key is to realize that small details can make a big difference. Decorating your child’s room can be one of the more fun and exciting experiences. Your little girl will absolutely love a bedroom designed just for her.
When decorating your girl’s bedroom, most people focus on wall color and bedding. Those are both very important aspects in the room. However it is very critical not to stop once the walls are painted and the bed is made. Finding the right window treatment for your girl’s room is equally important to the atmosphere of the room.

There are several different options when determining which window treatment will work best for your girl’s bedroom. In most cases, a girl’s bedroom has a softer look then most rooms. Therefore it can be a good choice to go with sheers. Many sheers can be found with flower, butterfly, or polka dot designs. Add more to your sheers by choosing one of the design colors and matching up tie back panels to go on top. Tie them back and let the sheers show in the middle.

Another cute way to accent your girl’s bedroom window is to use creative window toppers. Try tying ribbons around the curtain rod or even let butterflies hang down from the curtain rod by tying them to a ribbon that is attached. This can also be done with any other designs or characters.

When shopping for your girl’s bedroom window treatments be certain that you keep your eyes open for more than just curtains. Window treatment sections and home stores now carry much more for your window than panels and valances. There area many stylish tie backs, rods, and curtain accessories to go along with the shopping hunt for curtains.

Do not feel bound by choosing only one color or style of window treatment. Jazz up your girl’s bedroom window by giving it a mixture of window treatment textures, styles, and colors.

Try solid panels with polka dot valances or stripes and polka dots or a mixture of any. There are many ways to mix and use cheap and simple curtains to make them appear expensive and elaborate.

Curtain can easily be sued over the top of blinds or pull down shades if the room receives too much light or if you are worried about privacy at night.

When it comes to window treatments for your girl’s bedroom, the possibilities are endless.

Try shopping Wal-Mart, JC Penny, Target, and the Pottery Barn for great details and ideas. Also be certain to check out catalogs and websites for more ideas.