A room with cottage style is welcoming and comfortable. It reminds many people of a quaint cottage in the woods. This inviting and cozy feel can be achieved in almost any home and without spending a lot of money. Try these easy ways to decorate a cottage room, and give a single space in the home a completely new look for far less than you ever thought possible. Many of the furnishings for a cottage room can be found at flea markets and garage sales, and it is the perfect choice when striving to decorate on a budget.
Hang Distressed Wooden Shelves with Cup Hooks

Imagine a country cottage just beyond a meadow full of flowers in the heart of a lush green forest, and envision the type of wall hangings that would adorn this type of space. It would include simple wooden shelves painted in a cool cottage color. When looking for ways to decorate a cottage room, hang distressed painted wood shelves complete with small cup hooks. The shelf supports should also be made of wood to blend in with the shelving. They can be used to hold a number of decorative and practical items that lend a cottage look to this comfortable style.

Implement a Distressed Wooden Table and Country-Style Chairs

A cottage room needs a table with quaint cottage style, and a simple farm-style table is an excellent choice. Paint the table in a cool cottage color, and give it a distressed look by chipping and sanding away some of the paint after it dries. The distressed look can also be achieved with chains or another hard but flexible object.

In addition to a farm-style table, select distressed country-style chairs that match. Outfit the chairs with floral cushions or simple round woven chair pads. Depending upon the size of the cottage room, the table can be as large as a dining table or as small as a table in a kitchenette. In any case, the table will add to the cottage look and feel of the room. It can be used for enjoying a cup of tea while reading the morning paper or activities such as crafting. The uses and options are endless, and it will add practicality to the room.

Decorate with Real or Faux Plants in a Woven Purse

Do you have an old woven purse that is a little worse for wear? Instead of donating it to charity or tossing it into the trash, turn it into a planter with cottage style. Line the purse with plastic, if you choose to decorate with a real plant in a pot, or select faux foliage and blooms. Consider baby’s breath and white daisies with sunny yellow centers or any other blooms that catch the eye. All types of flowers are ideal when looking to decorate a room with quaint cottage style and charm.

Decorate with Mismatched Floral Teacups

Many people think they must coordinate and match everything to successfully decorate a room, but matching and coordinating is not necessary. When striving to decorate a cottage room, hang mismatched china teacups from hooks along the undersides of painted wooden shelves instead of tucking them away in a cabinet. Mismatched teacups add character to the space, and they make it look and feel more unpretentious and inviting. They can even be used as makeshift planters for small succulents such as hens and chicks if the cottage room offers plenty of natural light.

Decorate with Old-Style Tins with Cottage Style

Tins make fantastic accessories, especially when looking for new ways to decorate a cottage room. Shelves or cabinet tops can be embellished with old-time tins, or tins that appear to be older than they truly are. They can be used to tuck away seed packets, coins, playing cards, notes, or any small items that are handy when stored in a cottage room. Look for old tins at flea markets, resale shops, and yard sales. They are worth saving and using to help decorate and provide small places for storage throughout the home, especially a home with a lovely cottage room.

Envision your cottage room using the aforementioned ways to decorate, and come up with ideas of your own. Make it the quaint comfortable room you want without spending a lot of money. Forget about buying manufactured items from a home d├ęcor store. With items such as old-fashioned tins, distressed country-style furniture, painted wooden shelves, and dainty mismatched china teacups used solely to decorate the space; it will become one of the most welcoming and comfortable rooms in the home.