When decorating a bedroom with contemporary style, the walls do not have to be painted stark white to make a stunning impression. On the contrary, rich and vibrant colors can be applied to contemporary bedroom walls in unique and creative new ways. Forgo the solid white paint, and consider the following unique ways to paint contemporary bedroom walls. These easy methods are ideal for decorating the walls with vivid color and dramatic style, and they provide unique ways to paint walls in a bedroom for a child or an adult. Try these unique and easy methods to paint and decorate contemporary bedroom walls. They will look professionally decorated for a fraction of the cost typically charged by professional painters and interior decorators.
Paint Suggestions

When looking for unique ways to paint contemporary bedroom walls, save money on multiple paint colors by purchasing paint samples rather than unnecessary quarts or gallons of paint that might go unused. They can be found in dozens of eye-catching colors to coordinate with almost any contemporary bedroom design, and they can be combined and mixed to create new colors. Also, latex paint samples can be mixed with latex craft paint infused with tiny flecks of glitter. Consider metallic hues for an eye-catching look with contemporary flair. In any case, painting accents and small designs on contemporary bedroom walls does not have to cost a small fortune to look outstanding.


Consider squares when looking for unique ways to paint contemporary bedroom walls. Trace around square items such as baking pans or boxes using a sharpened pencil. Outline the pencil marks with painter’s tape to create perfect boxes of color. Draw the boxes on bedroom walls in various positions, and consider painting the boxes in vivid colors that pick up accent hues in the bedroom. They will help create a funky new look that is not only unique, but it will also make a dramatic statement.

Oblique Designs

Add dimension and color to contemporary bedroom walls by painting blocks of color with oblique lines. This painting method can be used to define two separate areas of the bedroom. Create oblique lines that span a bedroom wall from top to bottom using painter’s tape. Consider unlikely color combinations such as red and yellow, blue and yellow, or lime green and brown. Choose colors found in bedding, throw pillows, or even a contemporary work of art.


Contemporary paintings comprised of colorful circles are ideal when considering unique ways to paint the walls, but why buy expensive paintings on canvas? Apply colorful circles directly to walls when looking for unique ways to paint with contemporary style. Trace around bowls or plates of various sizes, and carefully fill them in by hand using wall paint in colors of your choice. Painting circles is a little trickier since they cannot be outlined with painter’s tape, but with a steady hand and a small craft brush the colorful circles will look precise and professionally painted.

Keep in mind that symmetry is not required when painting contemporary designs on bedroom walls. Graphics do not have to be the same distance apart. This makes bedroom decorating easier than ever, and the options are unique and limitless. Try the aforementioned ways to paint walls in a contemporary bedroom, and put away the stark white paint. Color will add life to contemporary bedroom walls, and paint is by far the cheapest way to begin decorating with contemporary designs in mind.