Expensive store-bought framed mirrors are fantastic if the cost does not matter, but for many it is necessary to cut back on decorating expenses. For others it is fun to decorate in creative new ways instead of buying mass produced ready-made bathroom furnishings and d├ęcor. Try the following easy ways to decorate the frame of a bathroom mirror, and give an ordinary bathroom mirror a completely new look that will never be found in stores. With flat glass marbles, small shells, and polished gemstones, it is possible to decorate a bathroom mirror in unique new ways that will add style and creativity to the space.
Decorate with Flat Glass Marbles

Many people love the look of flat glass marbles. Some are clear and colorful while others have an eye-catching iridescent sheen that looks similar to the patina of pricey Mexican glass. However, some do not know what to do with flat glass marbles. They look nice when placed in a bowl or jar, but they are great for more than just filling containers. Flat glass marbles can be used to decorate the frame of a bathroom mirror.

Closely attach flat glass marbles using clear-drying adhesive that will stick to the glass and the mirror frame. It will probably be necessary to hold each marble in place until the glue begins to set. Otherwise, remove the mirror if possible, and place it on a flat surface before attempting to decorate it with flat glass marbles. This easy way to decorate the frame will give the bathroom mirror a completely new appearance that will beautifully frame the images it reflects.

Use Small Seashells and Sand to Decorate a Mirror Frame

Small seashells can be very pretty. Their natural colors and designs are unlike any other formations of nature, and they can be used to decorate the bathroom. Consider using small seashells and natural sand to decorate a bathroom mirror frame. It will be necessary to take down the mirror for this fun and easy project.

After the bathroom mirror has been removed, cover the mirrored area with newspaper secured by painter’s tape. Coat the frame with spray-on adhesive, and immediately sprinkle it with natural sand. Colored sand or silica sand can be used if desired. This sandy frame will become the background for the small seashells that will decorate the mirror.

Lastly, arrange and glue small shells to the sand-covered bathroom mirror frame, and allow the adhesive to dry completely before handling or hanging. It will look especially eye-catching and unique in a bathroom decorated in a beach theme. Everyone will want to know where you found this unique seaside treasure.

Decorate with Polished Pebbles

Like seashells, small polished stones can be used to decorate the frame of a bathroom mirror. Buy small polished stones from a craft store, or opt for aquarium gravel. Glue the stones or gravel in place piece by piece until the entire frame is covered. For added interest and appeal, randomly glue on beautiful polished gemstones such as blue lace agate, rose quartz, goldstone, or any other eye-catching stones. This is a great way to use polished gemstones and decorate the frame of a bathroom mirror.

When looking for ways to decorate an ordinary bathroom mirror, think of other eye-catching embellishments that can be used to personalize bathroom furnishings. Glass beads, broken ceramic tiles, and many other items can be used to decorate an ordinary bathroom mirror frame in fun and unique ways. Try the aforementioned ideas or come up with some of your own, and decorate a cheap mirror frame to add a unique decorative touch to ordinary bathroom furnishings.