Repainting the interior of your home before the holidays is a great way to add some flare to your house, and will be appreciated by all your holiday guests. Painting the interior of your house before the holidays can be a stressful task if not done properly, and can be a nightmare if it is not finished by your annual holiday party. This article will look at the benefits of painting the interior of your house before the holiday season, and what you need to do before painting.
What are the benefits of painting the interior of my house before the holidays?

1. Showing off your beautiful work- nothing is better than to be able to show off a major home improvement feat during the holiday season. Painting the interior of your house will undoubtedly bring some charm and character back to a boring space.

2. Does not take too long- Depending on how much you are painting, interior painting typically does not take too long. You may spend 1-2 weekends per room, but the results will be more than worth it, and will last for years to come.

3. Discounts- During college I worked for a local hardware store and they would offer discounts around the holiday season on their paints. Why did they do this? Most private contractors were not getting enough business during the holiday season, so the hardware store would offer discounts to entice the average person to stock up on paint.

4. Feeling of accomplishment- Once the surfaces are finished you will have a major sense of accomplishment going into the holiday season.

What do I need to do before interior painting?

Before you do any interior painting, you should follow these guidelines to ensure the process goes smooth, and does not take longer than it has to.

1. Sand the surface- All surfaces should be sanded before being washed or being painted because it not only smooths out the surface, but also helps the paint stick to the surface.

2. Wash the surface down with a warm, mild soap, mixture. After sanding there is a lot of dust and other, junk that needs to be washed from the wall before proceeding to the next step.

3. Pick an appropriate sheen- Whether you want to use eggshell, satin, or any other sheen you should pick out the sheen before continuing. Don’t know which sheen to choose? Choosing sheen is a case by case basis and can be determined by asking any paint employee at most hardware stores and DIY home improvement stores.

4. Apply a primer! Primers make the rest of the job much easier and should always be applied.

5. Choosing a color- Choosing a color is one of the most important steps to do before painting. Choose colors that flow well with the rest of your house, and ones that will not only make the room appear bigger, but also friendlier. Warm colors are best to bring a great fall/winter look to any room, but make sure you choose a color that will blend in year round.