Decorating a girl’s dorm room is not always an easy task. First, most dorm rooms are shared with a roommate and they usually will not have the same taste and style as each other. Secondly, dorm rooms are usually exceptionally small. Most basic dorm rooms are a small room that looks like a box that has to be shared by two people. The most important thing you have to remember about decorating a girl’s dorm room is use all your space wisely. Girls tend to have lots of stuff, from clothes to hair products to pictures of friends.
Most dorm rooms come with beds and usually a desk for each person. A great idea is to make bunk beds or purchase lofts and have both beds lofted in the room. This gives you a ton more space than having two beds down on the floor. You want to make sure that you go over some rules about decorating with your roommate before you do anything. Do not start decorating your dorm room before your roommate even gets there. If you really have opposite taste, make a divider in the room and have her decorate her half and you can decorate your half. Or better yet, try to agree on several pieces that you both can compromise on and get rid of the ones that someone really can’t stand.

Storage is a must for a girl’s dorm room. Buy some cute colored plastic storage bins that can fit under your desk or shelves in your closet. There are some cute storage bins and basket that can be found for cheap at places such as Target and Wal-Mart. If you want to add some more color to a boring white room, then get a colorful blanket or comforter for your bed. Yes, this means that the bed has to be made everyday! There are tons of different styles of blankets and comforters for a girl’s dorm room. There are polka dots, stripes, modern patterns and even cute floral patterns. If you really want to go all out, buy some matching throw pillows for your bed also. They will also come in handy when you have friends visit and they have to sit on the floor, they can sit on the pillows.

If you have a lot of friend’s back home, buy a digital picture frame. This way you do not have to have a ton of frames for all your pictures. A digital picture frame lets you upload your pictures and will display all the pictures one after another. Another idea is to make a collage of your pictures and hang it at your desk or by your bed. Try not to hang it in the middle of the room, as your friends are most likely not your roommate’s friends. In most dorm rooms you are not allowed to put nails into the wall to hangs things. If you really have a picture that you want to hang, try the sticky tab adhesives they have out nowadays. They are supposed to be strong enough to support pictures in frames and other heavy objects, and not leave marks on the walls. Hanging a colorful picture on the wall is not a bad idea as the rest of the room is plain white. One word of advice, try to stay away from the tacky college posters that you everyone hangs up on their wall their freshman year. Be creative and more grown up and try out some new things.