Color is everything when decorating your home. You can have the most fashionable couch, most beautiful end tables, and most unique artwork on the walls. However, if the color of your walls is wrong, the entire room will look awful. Never underestimate the power of color when decorating the rooms of your house. Here are some tips to show you how much power color can have when decorating.
Maximizing Space with Color
Did you know that by simply changing the color of your walls, your rooms can look larger? It is true. Cool colors such as mint green, or pale yellow appear to the eye to be further away than warmer shades. Don’t only use the pale colors on the walls of a small room. Maximize the space by applying the color to the ceiling as well. However, if you would like to minimize a larger space, use dark, warm colors on the walls and ceilings. It gives the atmosphere a more homey feeling. Usually this effect is done in vast basements or attics.

Improving Body Temperature with Color
Although color cannot physically change body temperature, it can trick the brain into thinking it is warmer or cooler than it really is. If you would like to “cool” down your room, use cool colors such as violets, blues, and greens. If you want to “warm” up your room, use warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow. Different climates may require different wall color choices.

Accenting a Theme with Color
Some people design rooms based around a certain period of time. Color can create the impression of a different era. For example, dark mauve, brown, and green are usually associated with the Victorian Era. If your room has antiques from this time period, these shades are the best choice. Diluted colors such as indigo blue, and off white make people think of colonial America. If you want your guests and your family to associate their minds with the Caribbean, decorate with bright greens, pinks, and yellows.

Color can do so much for the d├ęcor of a room. By simply changing the color of a wall, or the ceiling, it can evoke different emotions, physical feelings, or historical associations. There is no other one element of decorating that can make such a difference in your statement. If you want to have the perfect room, make sure you choose the perfect color to decorate that room.