Parents generally have a different idea as to what is acceptable decorating for a teen boy’s room than the teenage male occupant actually has. The truth is boys do not really like their room decorated. The do, however, want their rooms coordinated, painted, and supplied with new furnishings.
Here are some steps to decorating a teenage boy’s room.

Input: If you are decorating a teenage boy’s room, it might be in your best interest to get his buy in. He may of course tell you that it does not matter, but it does. To get a feel for what he likes in a room, rip out three or four magazine pages that feature boys’ rooms and have him choose the one he likes best.

Comfort: Teenage boys like to be comfortable. They do not however want comfort that is soft, silky, and pretty. Forget about adding luxurious bedding, and overstuffed furniture to a teenage boy’s room. A good solid mattress, with a warm down comforter, and a couple of pillows is generally all he will want on his bed. His chair should be the typical dorm furniture type, with a pillow only if necessary as in a Papason chair with a deep back.

Color: In coordinating your teen boy’s room, you must remember to keep the room monochromatic. They do not want walls painted in contrasting colors, but they may want one bold color on… everything in the room. While their color choices may seem odd, if everything in the room matches and coordinates, they will find the room to be conducive to rest. If they do ask for a contrasting color in the room, they will probably be happier if you use the second color in a pinstripe or other secondary manner rather than on an entire wall.

Function: Anything you put in the room of a teenage boy must have a purpose and a function. Even wall decorations must have a purpose. Posters must have sayings or images that inspire or make them laugh. Decorative shelves are only for keeping needed items at easy reach; wall plaques had better include a hook for bags and jacket.

Uniqueness: A teenage boy’s room has to have some element that is unique. While they do not want a whole lot of fuss made about their room, they do want something cool that makes it unique. This could mean having real school lockers in the room to hold clothing. This could mean having wall climbing rocks on the wall. This could mean having a full computer hookup with multiple screens and other gadgets.