Being in a rural area or small part of the country, you might be trying to think of a great theme for your bathroom. Rural areas can become an inspiration when it comes to decorating your bathroom and can provide a very relaxing atmosphere to walk into. There are many different themes you can do with your bathroom but one of the best themes for a bathroom is the country theme. If you want to make your bathroom have that country theme, there are some great things you can do to achieve that look. You never want to over accessorize your bathroom but adding some great detail will help you bring out that country theme.
One thing you can do to achieve a country theme in your bathroom is to use colors like blue, yellow and green for your walls. You can either paint your walls one of these colors or you can decide to do a wallpaper design incorporating these colors. You want to use colors on your walls that have the feeling of the outside or being in the country so it is important to think of colors you associate with the country. Using lighter colors will also help create more lighting and it will make the bathroom seem bigger.

You can add many different wallpapers that you might find at Wal-Mart or Home Depot to add that country feel to your bathroom. There are many types of wallpapers on the market that can help your bathroom get that country feel and it will not cost you very much. If you like horses or maybe some garden-themed wallpaper this could add a very country feel to your bathroom. Remember to choose a wallpaper that matches with the colors you plan on incorporating as well as keep the theme to things you would find in a country setting. You can also paint the walls and use borders instead of covering your bathroom in the wallpaper. Either way you go, you can easily turn your bathroom into a country design with the right colors and themes.

Your shower curtain should also be blue, yellow or green to get the feel of a country theme in your bathroom. Shower curtains should be done in the lighter color of your choice and it will go a long way in making your bathroom look like a country theme. You can also use black or wooden rings to attach your shower curtain to the rod for even more of a country theme. You can get shower curtains just about anywhere that home decorating items are sold and there are many different styles and colors to choose from that would look great in a country-themed bathroom.

Adding a rug and a toilet seat cover would also help make your bathroom a country getaway. Adding rugs and matching toilet seat covers will give your bathroom that country feeling and will help accessorize your bathroom. You can choose from many different styles and colors but sticking with the blue, purple, green or yellow colors will help give the country feel more than traditional colors. You should always buy a rug and toilet seat cover that would go with the new color paint you used or wallpaper you used to keep the bathroom in sync.

Adding towels to your bathroom that incorporate the colors of the country is also a good way to design your bathroom in a country style. You can get hand towels and bath towels with the traditional country colors or you can get ones that have designs on them like horses or flowers. You can get bath towels and hand towels at most retail stores and they will help you accessorize your bathroom just right for the country style. Remember to use the colors that you have already picked out so that everything in your bathroom will match. You should get some blue, brown and green towels if you really want to help make your bathroom country style.

Add some small decorations to your bathroom to help incorporate the country feeling even more. Get a wooden toilet paper holder or some small wooden signs that you can place around your bathroom to help give the feel of the country. You can add small things like small signs or you can add something bigger like a fake tree to help give the feeling of a country environment. Add some small decorations around your bathroom that you might find at the dollar store that has a country style. You can add something like a rooster or maybe a small wooden figurine around your bathroom for a fairly inexpensive country design.

Your bathroom trashcan is another area where you can add the feeling of the country and it will not cost very much to do. Get a trashcan for your bathroom that is either in a traditional country color or one that has a country design on it. You can find small trashcans for the bathroom that are made of wood or that have a cottage feel to them and it will add a lot of country feeling to your bathroom. They also have trashcans that have designs on them like farm animals or wooden fences and this too would add a lot of country style to your bathroom. You can find many different styles of trashcans for your bathroom at your local home decorating store and it will cost you around 14 dollars.

A wooden toilet seat would also be a great way to achieve the country feeling in your bathroom. Wooden items are a great way to make a room feel more country and rustic and that includes your toilet seat. You can get wooden toilet seats at any retail store that sells toilet seats and they run about 20 dollars. Adding a wooden toilet seat is a great way to add the country feeling to your bathroom without spending a lot of money.

Add a wooden rack for things like tissues and lotions or soaps is also a good way to make your bathroom into a country setting. Wooden racks are great to hang up above the toilet and can provide another way to create more storing abilities in your bathroom. You can place anything you want on the wooden racks, usually they are three levels so that you can store bigger items on the top and smaller things like your tissues on the bottom. Wooden racks that have a leaf design are especially good to use if you are trying to create a country theme. Wooden racks provide storage room as well as become a great decoration to any bathroom that has a country setting. You can get the wooden racks anywhere that home accessories are sold and it will cost you about 30 dollars.

Adding candles to your bathroom or scented potpourri is another great way to provide a country feel in your bathroom. You can get a wooden basket and fill it full of the potpourri in a scent you associate with the country such as cinnamon. Adding candles in fragrances that give the feeling of the country is also another way to achieve this style as well, something such as pine or wood is suggested. You can find many different ways to add smells to your bathroom that give the feeling of the country. If candles or potpourri is not your idea of fragrance, then you can just be simple and add a country-themed air freshener to your bathroom. Making your bathroom smell like the country will help give the bathroom that country feeling. Using flower fragrances or smells of something you would find in the country helps you get that country style without spending a lot of money. You can find fragrances you could use in a country themed bathroom at your local retail store for about five dollars.