In this economy, finding inexpensive updates to add to a home’s value is important to many owners. Fortunately, there are several simple cosmetic projects than can either be done in a weekend or be contracted out fairly inexpensively. Here are a few interior update ideas for adding value to a home.
Interior Update Ideas for Adding Value to a Home #1: Paint the Walls

Paint is probably the most inexpensive and underestimated way to add value and update the interior of a home. Choosing a neutral, pastel or basic wall color is optimal, as the paint shade should look good with a wide variety of different d├ęcor styles. If putting the home immediately on the market is not in the plan, then a singular accent wall in a bold color is perfectly acceptable within a room. However, prior to sale return that wall to the same neutral tone on surrounding walls.

Interior Update Ideas for Adding Value to a Home #2: Spruce Up Flooring

One major item potential homebuyers look for is whether the flooring of the home is outdated or in bad condition. This includes cracked tiles and stained carpets. Consider pulling up old carpet and replacing it with either a neutral toned version and plush pad or another type of flooring. Optimal ideas include either wood planking or wood laminate, which are both very popular, and the choice between the two will most likely be determined by budget.

Interior Update Ideas for Adding Value to a Home #3: Crown the Molding

Crown molding is fairly easy to install for the basic do-it-yourself homeowner. This product comes in a wide variety of styles and colors, but the addition of crown molding to a room can turn a boring space into something extraordinary. Crown molding creates a chic and put together room experience, making it a great addition to add money to a sale price.

Interior Update Ideas for Adding Value to a Home #4: Storage Works

As anyone who has lived in a home for any good length of time can attest, junk accumulates. (If there are kids in the household, it only adds up that much faster!) Thus, a good amount of smart storage inside a home is important to potential buyers. Look at the storage spaces currently available: closets, cabinetry, shelving, and laundry room space. Is the area being used to its maximum potential or can more be done to increase the usefulness of the area? Not only does a well organized area make it easier for a home to be uncluttered while potential buyer’s are viewing the place, more people can mentally picture “their junk” in the home’s storage spaces.

Remember, value in a home is perceived by the buyer. It may take a little bit of work and a budget to add monetary value to a home’s sale price, but in the end it is greatly worth the effort.