Redecorate your bland bedroom with Safari Chic and you’ll actually relax on your next staycation. Close the door, turn off the electronics and let your new relaxing and comfortable bedroom envelop you. The color palette is warm and mimics the earth’s natural hues.
Warm Up to Color

1. Start by warming the space above you, the ceiling. Choose a neutral white hue tinted with golden yellow. The idea is to match the color of the glaring sun. Try Vanilla White or Butterfield from Benjamin Moore, or Magnolia Blossom from Behr.

2. Paint the walls a warm hue matching the coat of a Siberian Tiger. Behr Paints has Sun Poppy and Solar Flare. Go more orange with Crushed Orange, or more on the brown and deeper side with Carmelized Orange.

3. Texturize while you paint. While you could purchase paint which already has paint mixed in, you can also add your own sand to the wall color before painting the walls. Start by adding one quarter cup of clean sand to the paint, mix thoroughly and test an area. If you want more texture on the wall, add more paint. Just be sure to add it in quarter cup instruments.

If you’re concerned about evenly texturizing the walls with the sandy paint, and want to ensure the most even coverage, buy the paint with the sand mixed in. An uneven and imperfect spread of sand will work in the Safari Chic design, giving the walls a more natural look. Decide which look is best for you: even or more natural.

Creating More Texture

1. Use natural materials with texture for the floors, tabletops, windows and walls. Here are some ideas to kick start your Safari Chic decor:
* Hang matchstick blinds on the windows, or even in a closet doorway to create an intimate space.
* Use bamboo or a sea grass mats on the floor. These textures are also found in table runners, ideal for protecting long dressers. Placemats made of bamboo or natural fiber can be set on tabletops to protect them.

2. Create your own art work using found materials from outdoors. Prime small round canvases with textured paint. Stick found leaves, shells, twigs and other small items into the paint while wet. Once it’s dry, paint the entire canvas with the objects using the leftover ceiling or wall paint.

Optional Accessories

* Add animal figures, animal print throws or pillows or bamboo coasters.
* Drape white muslin or white cotton duck from the ceiling to behind the bed, softening the angel between the ceiling and wall behind the bed.