If you’re considering taking on a home improvement project in the near future, it should be noted that painting is one of the least expensive home improvement projects there is. An entire room can be transformed with one day’s work and a gallon of paint. The best news is that the job can be completed for less than $ 50.00, including supplies.
With so many different paint types and finishes available, it may be helpful to learn about the most popular interior paint finishes. Here we will briefly discuss the options available, and what the pros and cons to each choice include.

Matte (Flat finish paint)

Matte paint is a popular paint finish for low-maintenance homes. Because matte paint is not very durable, and is known for marking easily, it is not a good choice for homes with children or pets. Matte paint provides a flat finish with no sheen at all, and it is fairly forgiving on surfaces with light surface imperfections. This interior paint finish is good at absorbing light and not reflecting it. Matte paint finishes work best in rooms that receive little traffic, or used as a ceiling paint.


An eggshell paint finish is similar to a matte paint finish, except it has a subtle sheen to it. Eggshell paint is extremely popular for walls in every room in the house, as it’s easy to maintain and looks smooth on the walls. If you are looking for an interior paint finish that is not too matte, and not to glossy, an eggshell paint may be the right choice for you.


Satin paint is washable and easy to clean, making it a popular paint finish for high-traffic rooms. While a satin finish paint will not hide imperfections, it will be easy to apply and look nice and smooth on the wall. Satin paint has more of a gloss finish than an eggshell paint, however, it is not nearly as reflective as a semi-gloss or high-gloss paint.


Semi-gloss paint is the most popular interior paint finish used on trim, woodwork, furniture, and molding. Because semi-gloss paint is so reflective and smooth, it is easy to wipe down and keep clean, making it a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Although this popular paint choice holds up well in a moist or humid environment, it is not generally used for complete wall coverage. Instead, it is used as an accent against less reflective paint types.


The only time you will typically see high-gloss paint in the interior of a home, is on entry doors, closet doors, and the like. This is the most reflective of all paint finishes, so any surface marks or cracks will be highly visible when using this paint type. High-gloss paint adds depth to your finish and is extremely durable. It is also easy to maintain and keep clean. Remember that the more sheen a paint finish has, the more durable it will be.

Eco-friendly paints

Eco-friendly paints have become increasingly popular among homeowners. Because they are available in beautiful colors, are odor-free and extremely durable, many people are turning to this environmentally friendly alternative. To learn more about eco-friendly paints, including low-VOC or no-VOC paints, CLICK HERE.

Now, if you are still unsure what interior paint finish will work best for you, just go ahead and try them all! Many popular paint manufactures offer very small sample sizes that make deciding the right paint for your home much less stressful. For example, Valspar offers eight ounce paint sample sizes at Lowe’s Home Improvement stores. These little cans of paint are the perfect size to cover an area that is large enough to show you exactly what the paint will look like on YOUR walls. Yet, they are small enough that you can reasonably purchase more than one can and paint two areas of the wall side by side. If your existing walls are not white, place white paper around the area so you can get a true feel of how the paint looks.

Finally, the best advice that can be given on selecting the right interior paint finish is… don’t skimp. Don’t buy an off brand. Don’t water the paint down. Don’t use one coat of paint when two is actually needed. Simply do it right the first time and you will enjoy your new paint for a very long time.