In the past, I have provided numerous ideas for creating easy kids room murals and painting kids rooms when you can’t paint. These ideas are wonderful for creating a custom child’s room, but adding wallpaper to your bedroom design, can make your child’s room especially captivating.
If you think of wallpaper as old, dated, boring, and anything less than captivating, think again. These tips for decorating your child’s room with wallpaper will get you to see patterned wall-coverings in a different light.

Purchase clearance wallpaper rolls: Go to the wallpaper store and peruse their stock of clearance wallpaper rolls. Pick a few patterns that you like that will coordinate nicely with each other. You may be realizing at this point that the plan is not to plaster a wall with a single wallpaper pattern, so you won’t have to worry about the painstaking chore of matching patterns.

Think about your room design: You may want to create a simple flower design. You may want an animal themed room, You may want to put stars or other shapes on the wall, or even the alphabet. For this project, you will want to keep the shapes simple as instead of painting them, they will be cut out of wallpaper.

Cut out your designs: After creating your mural in miniature on paper, blow up your design pieces (animals, shapes, etc) so that they are wall sized. You will want to do this on newsprint, or rolls of craft paper. Then transfer your shapes to the wallpaper.

Apply your mural to the wall: Assuming you have already painted a background color or simple pattern (stripes, circles, different color zones) on the wall, it is now time to apply the wallpaper shapes to the wall. Follow the wallpapering instructions to make the paper adhere, and stick it to the wall.

As you can see, this is a very easy way to paint a mural. If the idea is still not clear to you, think of it as making wall-sized collage art for your child’s room, only simpler.