Warm colors, exotic designs and a characteristic opulence is what defines Indian home decor, and if you want to recreate a similar look in your home, then here are a few pointers to help you.
Choose your colors wisely. Paint your walls in vibrant shades of red, yellow or even purple to add grandeur to your living space. The Global Escape colors from Behr work well for Indian inspired interiors. If this color palette is too over the top for your taste, you can keep your walls neutral and add color in the form of furnishings and accessories.

Use a lot of fabric, in the form of curtains, throws and tapestries. Pay attention to your windows. Boring blinds won’t do. Adorn your windows with flowy, luxurious drapes. For drapes with authentic Indian prints, look at www.saffronmarigold.com, but if you want something more generic then try Target and Overstock. The satin drapes in rust, bronze or copper colors will do wonders for your bland windows. Saffron Marigold, Anokhi, Tilonia, Lesindiennes, eBay and Amazon are great online sources for bedding with Indian motifs. Carefully chosen duvets and coordinated pillow covers can add an element of exotic to your bedroom. For a summery look, stick to light pastels; for a richer, more sensual ambience choose purple, reds and blacks.

Another feature to keep in mind is the furniture. Choose ornate wooden furniture. Again, if you’re not one for too much adventure, you can go in for generic pieces and personalize the look with accessories. Remember, you’re not living in the palaces of Jodhpur; your interiors should be gorgeous as well as functional, and it’s important that your Indian interiors don’t look completely out of the place. Personalize your space with throws, cushions and area rugs.

Indian flooring is mostly made up of marble or ceramic tiles. Hardwood flooring will also make your furnishings stand out, but if none of that is possible, then choose area rugs to make a statement.
Look online for Indian motifs and pick rugs that carry these designs. Graphics and tribal prints are a no-no. Paisley and elephants are two very popular Indian designs.

Use accessories in muted gold, bronze and silver to enhance the look. Statues of Hindu gods, elephant carvings, brass oil lamps are popular design accessories in many Indian homes.

Even if your home has a neutral color palette, you can update it with a few carefully chosen accessories to recreate your own little India.

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