A bedroom is supposed to be dark for sleeping, but at the height of the day when a little light would brighten the room, some people are stuck with a dismal space that seems more like a cave than a part of the home. Too much shade or north facing windows can create a dark bedroom, but this can be remedied in a number of ways. Try the following ideas for decorating a shady bedroom, and give it a brighter cheerier new look.
Wall Color Suggestions When Decorating a Dark Bedroom

It is common knowledge that lighter wall colors will help lighten a dark bedroom. White is the most obvious choice, but white is visually numbing and undesirable for some. Instead of choosing one of countless shades of white when decorating a dark bedroom, select a light color from the warm region of the color wheel instead of a hue from the cool side. Very light yellow or peach in a very light but bright shade is an excellent choice. Visit a paint retailer to view the many color options, and bring home samples to make sure the color is ideal before investing time, effort, and money into a major decorating change.

Brighten Dark Flooring with Light and Bright Throw Rugs

When decorating a dark bedroom, do not forget about flooring. A dark floor can darken the bedroom no matter the color of the walls. If replacing flooring is not an option for whatever reason, select soft washable throw rugs in very light shades, and strategically place them throughout the bedroom. They will greatly brighten the entire bedroom from the ground up.

Decorating with Lighter Bedding and Colorful Accents

Decorating a dark bedroom with very little natural light can be quite challenging, and third to the floor and walls, the bed is the most prevalent flat surface in the room. This is why it is very important to select the perfect bedding. Choose lighter bedding with colorful accents when decorating a dark bedroom. Select fabric with accents that are the same hue as the walls but in a brighter shade. Choose matching pillow shams and a variety of throw pillows of varying color intensities, shapes, and textures. Not only will the extra pillows help brighten the room while decorating, but they will also make an otherwise ordinary bed appear rich and incredibly stylish.

Consider Decorating with a Bedroom Skylight

Skylights are placed in areas of a home where more natural light is desired, and a bedroom is no exception. Darkness is necessary for restful sleep, but these days all types of skylight windows are available for every room in the home. Consider a skylight with a built-in room-darkening shade for times when darkness is desired. Open it to let in more natural light, or enjoy falling asleep beneath a ceiling of stars. Even a small skylight can make a huge difference when decorating a very dark bedroom.

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