One of the most unique ways of decorating a contemporary bedroom is by removing almost all of the color within the space. Black is the presence of all color, and white is the absence of all color. Along with gray and white, black can be used to decorate a contemporary bedroom in striking new ways. Make a powerful and dramatic statement by highlighting one very special item of color when decorating a contemporary bedroom. It is really very easy to begin decorating a contemporary bedroom in black, white, and gray, and the results will look outstanding.
Begin by Painting the Walls Light Gray or Bright White

Crisp white walls are the ideal choice when decorating a contemporary bedroom in black, white, and gray. Light gray walls also look exceptional when using this unique decorating scheme. If white paint is chosen, make sure it is pure white rather than an antique or cream colored option. If the walls were previously tinted, high-hiding white primer will probably be necessary to completely cover the unwanted color.

Opt for Black Flooring and White Faux Fur Throw Rugs

After painting the bedroom walls, select black flooring. Plush black frieze carpeting is an excellent choice. Frieze is the new shag, but unlike the shag of the 70’s, frieze will stand up to high traffic and resist matting. To pull off this unique contemporary decorating method, make sure the carpeting of choice is solid black and not flecked with color.

Throw rugs can be added to this black, white, and gray bedroom decorating scheme. They will help add contrast, and they will also make the bedroom floor more comfy and lavish. Select thick white faux fur throw rugs in shapes of animal hide. Zebra stripes are also an excellent choice when placed against solid black flooring.

Select a Contemporary Metal Wall Hanging Instead of a Headboard

When decorating a contemporary bedroom in solid black, white, and gray, the headboard of the bed must fit this unique decorating scheme. Consider using a contemporary work of metal wall art in solid black instead of a standard headboard. Remove the existing headboard, and mount the contemporary art on the wall at the head of the bed. It will look striking and highly dramatic against the crisp white wall.

Choose Contemporary Bedroom Black, White, and Gray Wall Art

In addition to a metal wall art headboard, embellish a bare wall with a focal point created with a black, white, and gray frameless contemporary painting. Find the perfect work of art at the lowest possible price by shopping online. Since these works of contemporary art are frameless they are highly affordable, and they are a fantastic addition to contemporary bedroom d├ęcor.

Outfit the Bed with a Colorless Comforter Topped with a Faux Fur Bed Cover

When searching for bedding to fit the contemporary black, white, and gray decorating theme, opt for a solid deep gray comforter and zebra striped pillow shams. Top the solid deep gray comforter with a faux white fur bed cover. It will serve as an embellishment for the bed, and it can be used as a warm and comfy throw that is as practical as it is decorative when placed in the bedroom.

Display One Magnificent Brightly Colored Glass Work of Art

After the bedroom is completely decked out in black, white, and gray, put your personal signature on the bedroom design. As an artist signs a finished work of art, complete this unique contemporary decorating scheme with a brightly colored glass work of tabletop art. Select a large contemporary cobalt blue vase, Fenton glass, or any other solid colored work of glassware. Place it on a black, white, or gray pedestal at the end of the bed or on a contemporary bracket-less shelf on the wall at the head of the bed. It will be the only colored item in the entire room, and it will make a dramatic statement unlike any other decorating technique.