Wicker baskets are a versatile decorating accent, while at the same time able to meet a wide variety of home-storage needs. Wicker baskets can be utilized in almost any room of your home.
I would personally avoid using wicker baskets in a child’s play room, due to the durability factor. Wicker baskets may simply not withstand the rough and tumble use inflicted by some children. They may end up producing small, sharp, wicker pieces, which could puncture or cause choking.

But, there are many places in your home where the baskets can provide great storage while being aesthetically pleasing.

In the study: Oak book shelves are along two adjoining walls in our study. I have a collection of leather bound classics, and other handsome hard backed novels which look attractive stored on the oak shelving. I also have a collection of worn, but beloved paperback books that I would rather not display. My solution, I purchased some inexpensive narrow rectangle baskets from Ikea. The baskets fit neatly along the top shelf of the cabinet, and look very attractive. The paperback books also fit neatly into the baskets. They are tucked away, inconspicuously out of sight, but where they need to be, in my home library.

In the bathroom: I like to have washcloths conveniently located. But, I don’t have a linen closet in my bathroom. My solution, a medium sized wicker basket with rolled washcloths stored neatly. I’ve done the same for my husband’s bathroom, yet use washcloths of various colors. The basket is practical storage, while adding a slash of color. A small basket on your vanity is also a great place to store your makeup.

In the Kitchen: Baskets can be a good place to store cookbooks, allowing you to carry the books with you, should you find the need to look through the pages for culinary inspiration. Utensils can also be stored in baskets, as can the attachments to your mixer or other multi-attachment appliances. Of course, napkins (both cloth or linen) store conveniently in small baskets.

In the Living room or bedroom: Large baskets can be used to store your magazines or newspapers. It is also a place you can pile those knitted throws, which come in handy on cold evenings.

Whether you are using a basket to store your sewing supplies, board games or linens, the nice thing, even if you run out of closet space, you can leave your baskets out in plain view, and allow them to do double duty: decorating and storage.