What furniture you choose for your master bedroom will depend, of course, on the room itself. As a general rule, most contemporary bedroom furniture will fit into any master bedroom. If, however, you have purchased an older home this may not be the case due to a floor plan that may be different than what you are accustomed.
Space is the determining factor in outfitting the master bedroom with contemporary bedroom furniture. You need to take a very close look at the room and get a feeling for what is going to fit comfortably into the space. You certainly do not want to put so much furniture into the bedroom that it crowds the room. This can make you feel hemmed in and unable to move without running into some piece of furniture. You want the room to remain open and inviting not cagey and restricting. So, to begin with, you will want to take the measurements of the room. This can give you an early indication of what may fit and what may not.

The next thing you will want to look at are materials and colors. Most contemporary furniture moves towards woods in black or browns. It can also include wrought chrome or iron and black lacquer. You want the feel of it to be very developed. Granted, when you think of some of the above mentioned materials you get an idea of unattractiveness. This is not the case. Much of what is on the market today in these styles is quite nice. Keep in mind that contemporary bedroom furniture is designed with sharp lines and geometric patterns and shapes. If the piece that you are looking at appears soft and country-esque then it is not contemporary bedroom furniture.

Contemporary bedroom furniture can really breathe some life into the bedroom. Take a look at some designs and layouts in magazines and you will see what we mean. Visit some furniture stores and talk with people there about what you have in mind. In the color area, most bedrooms designs are using two main colors these days — white and browns. Now, if you want to use the classic white and black you still can. But a contemporary chair or vanity table in a dark brown, black or in various dark hues can enhance the appearance of the bedroom. And do not forget the floor. Some patterned carpets or rugs will be a welcome addition to the room.

With carpeting, however, stay away from the fancy patterns. Try and go with carpets having solid colors and and/or an attractive pattern. Even look at some that are geometric in design. Keep the furniture clean and simple as far as the lines go. This combined with the carpeting can make for a stunning room. Try to avoid any type of spherical shapes to your furniture. It is best to go with sharp lines as in squares or rectangles. Once the furniture has been taken care of then you can move on to some very complimentary lighting designs and effects.