Many children go through a period of time where they are absolutely obsessed with animals. They enjoy any animal themed movies and television shows, whether animated or documentary style and soak up all knowledge offered to them on the subject. The majestic strength and beauty of elephants make them a favorite among children. Surprise your child with a redecorating project that beautifully transforms their bedroom into a celebration of the power and beauty of the elephant.
How to Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom in an Elephant Theme: Paint Colors. A few gallons of white and steel gray paint will be perfect for your elephant themed bedroom. Consider adding a chair rail around the perimeter of the bedroom and paint the upper half of the walls a fresh white and the lower half of the walls a sleek steel gray. You can add more gray to the room by painting the closet door, bookcase, dresser and desk in the striking gray colored paint. A few splashes of brown or green will also go nicely and add to the safari feel.

How to Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom in an Elephant Theme: Bedding Options. Bed in the bag sets with animal prints are readily available at Pottery Barn For Kids, Walmart, Kmart, Target and TJ Maxx. Marshall’s also carries a wide variety of bedding sets for young children at a fraction of the cost that you will pay at he mall. If you can not find an elephant themed bed set after searching high and low, a solid gray, green, brown or camouflage pattern will work wonderfully in your elephant themed bedroom. Fill the bed with several gray or green comfy pillows to relax on and add to the cozy, comfortable feel of the room.

How to Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom in an Elephant Theme: Don’t Forget Dumbo! The adorable and sweet flying elephant, Dumbo was most likely the beginning of your child’s love affair with elephants. Whether your little one still has a strong affection for the Disney character or you simply want to keep sentimental memories of the feelings your child once held for the cartoon character alive, displaying your child’s Dumbo stuffed animals, DVD’s and hardcover books will be a terrific addition to the room and possibly reignite your child’s love for their old friend.

How to Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom in an Elephant Theme: Throw Rug And Wall Hanging. Spend a few evenings with a latch hook kit that has an elephant theme and you will have an adorable hand made addition to your child’s elephant themed bedroom decor. Latch hook kits are available at arts and crafts stores as well as discount department stores and are extremely easy for even the novice crafter to complete. Follow the instructions for finishing off the mat and add a dowel and decorative cord to make a delightful wall hanging. By adding a backing material and securing the folded over edges, you have a lovely elephant throw rug to add to your child’s bedroom floor.

How to Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom in an Elephant Theme: Add Some Fun And Flair! Elephants are all about the beauty of nature and the wild. Place a toy safari hat or two on your child’s shelf and hang some framed nature prints over the bed and on the walls. A decorative bamboo headboard for your child’s bed is relative easy to construct and requires only several lengths of bamboo and twine for a cozy, rustic feel. Thrift and Consignment stores are great places to find elephant figurines and statuettes that can be displayed on your child’s shelf or bookcase for pennies.