Do you dream of designing an adorable room for your little princess with a small budget in mind? I am here to help. It is very simple to go to a store and buy matching curtains, bedding, and accessories. These do take the guesswork out of designing, but leave you with a very common room. Too much of the same print can turn into overload. This could leave the room looking more novelty and less classy. If you are in search of some simple and cost effective ideas, read on!

1) To give your daughter the calm of the ocean, you need to mimic the natural color and textures of the sea. Pale blue walls and crisp white furniture lend a seaside cabin feel. The beauty of this furniture choice is that is opens you up to flea markets or second hand stores. Any old white furniture will do. You can use the imperfections to your advantage. If you are unable to paint your home, you can go with large paintings to cover large areas of the walls. A look I have always loved is pictures of the ocean blown up and developed in black and white. If you frame them in white, it creates an extremely prestigious effect!

2) You can also get very cute accessories with a little creativity. Wrapping a cheap grass skirt around a small table looks adorable. Wrapping white Christmas lights around them and plugging them in a night is reminiscent of a beach party and also doubles as a night light! Using half of an old boat as a book case is a neat way to bring the sea to life. Gluing shells to a plain white Walmart lampshade will make it look custom made. When you start thinking of alternative uses for everyday items, the possibilities are endless! When guests are over, playing soft Hawaiian music makes the room even more notable.


1) This is a way of merging old and new. It is quite simple and has a special place in my heart. You will need to find an old rocking chair. Drape it with a sweet, old fashioned quilt of any pattern and you already have one corner done! Used cheap furniture also compliments this style. Use old crates in lieu of toy boxes and try to find an old tricycle to sit in a corner.

2) To decorate, find some sweet vintage curtains on Ebay. They have great deals and you will get a look that is not common. Old store signs are cute also. You want to make sure that it is an uplifting room. Sometimes older things can have a depressing quality, so make sure you use your intuition accordingly. My favorite decorating technique is one that I use in my daughter’s room. I buy old books for a quarter from Good will and tear out the illustrations to frame on the wall. If you line up 4 large pictures horizontally above your child’s bed, it will have an instant effect. I recommend this step even if you don’t have the funds for the rest of the room yet. It gives a pulled together feel.


1) If you would like to do your baby’s room in a traditional girly design, I have several pointers. A simple coat of paint in a sweet color makes white nursery furniture pop. Placing white furniture along white walls may cause the impact to get lost. If you cannot paint, using Blond wood or cherry will give you a more desired look. I would suggest picking a beautiful blanket or rug that fulfills all of your fantasies about her room and then (after trying to find a gently used version), go ahead and splurge on it. Then, buy dirt cheap pink and white receiving blankets, curtains and other items to match your main piece at Wal mart or yard sales.

2) Another thing to consider is your own abilities to make sweet items for this room. Buying pale dollar store flowers and sewing them on to sheer curtains looks precious. Gluing white flowers to a white lamp shade does the same. If you do not find what you are looking for in the stores, you can always make your own bedding. If you are not a seamstress, you can pay someone to make them for you.

When deciding on a theme, consider what originally drew you to it. Was it a feeling, color, or texture? If you cannot afford what you see in fancy stores, do not give up. You can do better than a room in a box. Give your child what they really need – little pieces of you. That is after all what she is, a little piece of you.