Lighting does more than just help us see. Lighting is used to create a variety of effects within the home. Light interacts with the colors of a home and can give a home a different look. Simply changing the brightness of a light can completely change the mood of a room. If used creatively, lights can also create artistic effects.
Natural Light

Natural light is often considered more aesthetically preferable than artificial light. Therefore, many homes are built with the goal of allowing more natural light into the home. Sunlight creates visual clarity that other kinds of light do not provide. Also, natural light tends to be cheaper, although homes can also gain or lose heat through windows.

Light Intensity

Light of different intensities can have different aesthetic effects. Modernist homes tend to use a lot of light, but this light cannot be blinding. Instead, the light is designed to increase the visual clarity of the home.

Dim Light

Dimmer lights tend to create a more romantic or intimate tone and are used in places where individuals wish to relax, such as in bedrooms and living rooms. Minimizing the number of lights that are on or partially covering the light source can make the room dimmer.


Light can make it more difficult to see a television set or another electronic medium, especially when the medium is showing something dark. Therefore, many homes are designed to allow lights to dim so that the television looks more attractive.

Glowing Objects

Lights can be shined on objects to make it appear as if these objects are glowing. This effect only works at night, and the light has to be shined only on the object that is meant to appear as if it is glowing.


Candles are often used to provide a very dim and romantic light. Many candles are also scented so that they can stimulate the senses. Fireplaces are also popular partially because of the warm glow they create, which is similar to that of a candle. The fireplace can also be a source of warmth.


Lights play a large role in Christmas. Christmas lights are often strung all over, with many lights having different colors and sometimes flickering on and off at different times. These lights give rooms and the exteriors of houses a lot more color.

Window Lighting

Placing a light or a candle within a window can give that window a glow, which can make it more welcoming.


Objects that have reflective surfaces, such as polished floors, will gleam when light is cast upon them. Therefore, beautiful home features should be illuminated to highlight them.