Contrary to what many people may believe, a room with posters hanging around on the walls is certainly not solely for a teenager’s bedroom. Decorate a special family room or themed room with posters and you will be pleased with the results. This article will give some ideas for themes, but each decorator will have his or her own passions and ideas for decorating. Be sure to approach the project expecting to have a good time decorating in this unique way, because choosing your posters and theme is fun and exciting. While much home decorating may turn out to be quite a chore, doing a themed room with posters is usually quite the opposite.
One thing to remember is that your posters can be matted to give them a more framed appearance or they can be framed in the traditional way. There are many decorating themes from which to choose, so just use your imagination to decide which is better for your tastes. You will want to add other accent pieces to your walls as well, but keeping with the theme of the posters will not be difficult.

If you choose to mat the posters, be sure to choose colors for your matting that will accent the rest of the room such as your furniture, flooring, window treatment, etc. The idea is to have everything blending together nicely, not clashing with other colors in the room.

One popular choice is to make special room into a travel room of sorts. Search for posters that show other lands, exciting places from around the world or only the places in which you are interested. This may be medieval castles or city skylines, the Seven Wonders, or ancient ruins. Whatever your interests are will fit into your special room as long as you can find posters for the theme.

If travel and world locations don’t interest you, perhaps a certain time period is something you would enjoy using as a decorating theme? It could be the Victorian era or the depression years, medieval times or the days of the Egyptian pharaohs. Anything that interests you as the decorator is fair game for this kind of decorating.

Another great idea if you are a movie buff is to make your room’s theme, and thus the posters in the room, that of old time movies. Many poster merchants will have old movie posters available, so decide if you want the major award winning movies, only movies you have seen, or a combination. It is a bit more difficult to find posters of television show favorites from days gone by, but some posters in this genre are certainly findable. As with any of these theme ideas, a major step will be to decide where you will be hanging the posters, and in that way, know how many you will need to buy.

If the room you are planning to decorate in this way is a sunroom or enclosed porch, the theme you choose may be flowers and plants. If matting this type of poster, choose a mat color that will bring out and complement the color of the flowers on the poster. Half of the fun in this type of decorating is seeing things with an artist’s eye and matching up colors, shapes, and patterns in the room you are decorating.

For a more sophisticated type of room, you may want to choose posters that are reproductions of art prints. Much of the world’s finest art has been reproduced and offered as posters, so if you have a favorite artist, or more than one, that is a good place to start when deciding on which posters to buy. This theme will take a bit more shopping and planning because there are so many magnificent artworks available. You can choose particular artists, time periods, themes, or even abstract themes such as particular colors or shapes in this manner of decorating.

If your theme of choice is a tropical one, for one example, your posters will be visuals of things such as sunsets, palm trees, and ocean waves. Birds of paradise, seascapes, and beaches are possibilities for posters as well. Certain room themes, and this is one of them, are extra fun to decorate because of the accent pieces and furniture. In a tropical room, for instance, you may want to hang a ceiling fan and use wicker furniture. Sit a faux palm tree in the corner for a more complete look and you have a great sunroom or porch. Your colors for this room theme would be the colors of a sunset. . . golds, oranges, yellows, etc.

Is music your passion? Perhaps Americana decorating? Country living? Gardening? Sports? No matter what you may list as your passion, chances are that there are posters you can find that will allow you to decorate with your favored theme. People who chose to decorate with posters often run into the “problem” of simply too many posters being available, so be prepared to have to choose a few favorites or whatever your budget will be able to manage.

The number of themes there are to work with is only limited to your imagination. One good rule of thumb for decorating in this way is that a room should make you want to smile when you enter it. Choose a theme that is near and dear to you, and if it makes you want to smile when you look at the posters with which you have decorated, you have a winner.

There is one thing you may want to do when you have decided how many wall hangings you will need, and have chosen which posters they will be. If you are able to afford it, choose your favorite from among the posters you will be using and have it framed for a focal point in your newly decorated room. Just like posters, frames will come in all types and with all kinds of price tags, so shop around for what it is you want. Your favorite poster in a gorgeous frame as a focal point will certainly dress up the room. As an additional option, you may want to plan for your special framed piece to be highlighted near special lighting or hanging in a location that will make it more visible.