Decorating can be fun, as you can choose if you do a theme or not, what theme you do if you choose to do one, and what accessories you can buy. Accessories can be found almost anywhere and you can find items such as rugs, shower hooks and curtains, soap dish or dispenser, and even wall decorations.
Here are three fun themes that I think could be nice to decorate your bathroom with.

Duck Theme.
I love ducks! They’re one of my favorite animals. Our bathroom is actually decorated in the duck theme as I write this. We have ducks on the walls, shower hooks and even the soap dish. You can do yellow ducks, brown ducks, mallard ducks (you know, the ones with the green necks and head), or even a rubber duckie theme. You can also do a mixture of all of the themes if you would like.

Fish Theme.
If you love fish, then this could be a nice theme for you. You can do one type of fish or a mixture of different types. You can do actual fish or a theme more geared towards fishing. If you have pet fish, you may want to something based off of your pets. Maybe you will even find decorations that look like your pet fish or share the same colors.

Aquarium Theme.
This choice gives you the freedom to do more than just ducks and fish (though both are still great theme ideas), as you can add anything to your aquarium. You can do so much with this. Add a few decorations or have the walls painted to look like an aquarium. Add in fish, seahorses, turtles, whatever you want, it is your aquarium! Come up with a color scheme or just add in whatever you would like. The possibilities for this theme are endless!

Those are just three of the many theme ideas you could use for decorating your bathroom. Others could include sharks, turtles, seahorses, and seashells. You don’t even have you do a sea type theme if you do not want to. That is the great thing about decorating, you can do it however you would like!