If you have just purchased a new house, and have time to paint before you move in, I recommend you take advantage of that time. We always mean to paint after we move in and are settled, but somehow it just keeps getting put off. We thankfully took advantage of the time we had before moving in, and painted every room, including doors and trims.
To start, get an idea of the colors you want in each room. We just used the color cards, but many places off little samples you can purchase to actually see what the dried color looks like. Once we had the colors picked out, we figured about five gallons for each room. We also bought primer, but now you can buy paint that has primer in it as well.

First cover the floor so that you don’t ruin the carpet, or flooring that is down. We had planned on installing carpet in the bedrooms, so we didn’t worry about covering the floors in there. If you are doing primer separately, get that up on the walls, door frames, and trim in every room you are painting. The primer will have a time on the can, but I recommend at least 24 hours if you are putting up tape over the trim and door frames. Some primers recommend a second coat, however we were told by a Home Depot associate that a second coat is not necessary, so we stuck to one coat.

Once the primer is dry, tape off your trim and door frames. You will also want to tape off your ceiling, and if you are doing an accent wall, you will want to tape off the edges of that wall as well. Once everything is taped off, take a paint brush and start with the edges. Paint enough of the edges coming out to the wall so that you can cover the rest with a roller. I recommend spending a little more money on the paint brushes so that they last longer, and don’t leave streaks.

Once the edges are done, use your paint tray to hold some paint, and get your roller ready. We used the cheap rollers, and did not have any problems. Get the paint rolled onto the roller, then paint a W on the wall and then go back and fill it in so it’s all like a solid square. I found that worked best and we did not see any overlap marks that way. We let the paint dry for 24 hours before on the second coat, if a second coat was needed. We had a few light rooms, light pink, and cream color so we did apply second coats in those rooms. If you are not applying a second coat, pull the tape off of the trim, ceiling, and door frames so that the paint does dry it on those areas.

Once the paint is dry for at least 24 hours, tape off the edges of the walls around the trim and door frames. If you are painting the ceiling, you will want to tape off the edges of the walls by the ceiling as well. Once the tape is up, use a trim paint brush and apply the color you want for the trim. If your door frames are a different color, you want to tape of the door frame from the trim. Again, I recommend spending a little more for the brush so you are not left with streaks.

Once you are done painting the trim, remove the tape from the walls. If your frames are a different color, you will want to tape everything off from the frame when the paint is dry on the trim, and then paint your frames. Once the frames are dry, remove the rest of your tape and look at your master piece.

We also painted our doors while they were removed from the frames. We just painted one side at a time, let it dry for 24 hours, flipped and painted the other side, stood it up and painted the sides of the door.

If you are painting your ceiling, you might want to tape plastic over the walls, or paint the ceiling first so that you don’t mess up the new paint on your walls.

How could one enjoy their new home even more? By painting the colors you want in each room and officially making the house yours.