A person always starts and ends his or her day at home. With its color and appearance we could define what a person is like by nature. The colors that we use at home could also affect its day to day ambiance and mood.
Painting can make over and beautify the appearance of an entire home. Nothing is much more fun and rewarding than doing the job yourself. It just requires the basic materials and a little of your time. In this article I would teach you the fundamentals of painting interior walls and the easy ways to do it.

Materials Needed: Latex Paint

Paint Brushes

Paint Roller

Paint Tray

Putty Knife

Drywall Compound

Detergent / Home Cleaning Solutions


Before going directly to painting, first we need to prepare the surface so we could complete an easier and faster job. Painting performance and quality results also depends on the surface we are working on.

Step1. Remove anything that is hanging on your wall, may it be frames, nails, thumbtacks or anything similar. The furniture’s inside the house should also be moved away from the walls. Electrical outlet covers should also be removed.

Step2. Clean the walls. Dusts and dirt’s should be removed from the walls using your basic cleaning materials. Wash the walls thoroughly with water to properly clean it then allow drying.

Step3. With the use of your putty knife, fill the holes and other blemishes with the drywall compound. Make sure that the holes shall be fully covered and smoothly leveled with the wall.

Step4. If your walls have stains or discolorations it is best to coat them with oil based primer. Its purpose is to avoid stains from bleeding through the paint.

Step5. We paint. After the prerequisites it is time to slowly paint our subject. We may begin with the smaller details like baseboards, windows, moldings with the use of a brush.

Step6. Proceed to painting the wall. It is necessary that we use the roller painting from the topmost corner downwards. We should also avoid rushing the painting process and work in one area little by little. Working gradually with one direction and continuously blend the edges of the roller we would achieve best results.

Step7. Allow the paint to dry and take a good look at your work. Should you be adding another layer? You decide, yet I would advise you for a second coat to lengthen the paints life span. Others even extend up to a third coat; it really is up to you.

Step8. Wash and clean the utilities and the area, put your furniture’s back in place and the items on your wall as well.

This should complete your painting activity. Just remember to use quality paints that offer long term performance.