The bungalow is a classic American style house design that includes a wide front with an open porch and deep elongated frame that looks small from the front yard but hides a huge interior on the inside. Different areas of the country inspired different kinds of bungalows, such as Cape Cod, the prairie, and California style bungalows. Here are some ideas for decorating your classic American beauty with your bungalow house.
Earth Tones

Bungalows aren’t too fancy and their muted colors are often reminiscent of earthy tones such as brown, gray, and brick red. Go with a color scheme and decor that may match your exterior colors and bring some of the outside to your interior. Paint the walls to match your red or gray brick or stone. Add some paint effects to give walls that earthen feel of bricks on the inside.

Often bungalows go unnoticed on the inside with so much attention spent on the look of the exterior and spacing of the rooms. Accessorize your look with urns and idyllic outdoorsy decor made of wood. If you like muted and earthy tones, a bungalow style is certainly for you.


Keep your interior open to have your bungalow look like the outdoors. That doesn’t mean grow trees in your house, it simply means keep the indoors bright with lighting effects and simple paint schemes. Beige and muted yellows will keep your house bright without adding too many bright lights. Spot lighting and compact flourescent features will keep your bungalow bright during the long winter nights.

Go for some paint effects such as bright green ivy snaking up a wall. Add plants both real and fake to corners of the house that will give it some outdoor luster. Giving your bungalow an open feel will counter the blockiness of the regular rooms and halls on the inside.


Bungalows harken back to the glory days of housebuilding in the beginning of the 20th Century when the style was first used. Rustic decorating can give you a feel of a bygone era that isn’t Victorian nor is it a more contemporary feel. Use antiques to spruce up your interior or gray and knotted wood effects on your walls and in your acessories.

Farmhouse antiques are a great way to bring a sense of rustic America in to your bungalow. Try using antique washboards, spinning wheels, or other antique implements from a kitchen to recall an era that is slowly fading into memory.


Ready for a day at the beach? You will be year round with water-theme decor in your bungalow. Light blues and shades of white complement ocean colors as you add seashells and even hints of water life such as crabs or starfish to your decor. Paint effects include ocean waves and decorating can be as easy as a pail with toys for building sandcastles.

Other hints of a Cape Cod vacation themed home can be a large rolled up beach umbrella in one corner or a fake palm tree. A bucket of seashells is a perfect centerpiece to a gnarled driftwood coffee table as your decor romances the sea.


Making things to put around your house is a great way to be handy and add special touches to your space. Make shelves, closets, knick knacks, and whatever else you can throw together for a decorating style all your own.

Need to brighten a corner? Make a bookshelf and add some knick knacks to them next to your book collection. Home make your own decor for a perfect look to your bungalow house.