It may have started innocently with a few sets of oddly shaped salt and pepper shakers from great Aunt Hagatha’s estate or maybe a trip to a flea market resulted in a purchase of a dozen non-matching tea cups that caught your eye. Suddenly, you are a collector, a person who thrives on acquiring collectibles.
What are Collectibles?

“Things considered to be worth collecting (not necessarily valuable or antique),” is wordnetweb’s definition of collectibles or collectables. When it comes to decorating, collectibles are items suitable for display that complement or match the d├ęcor of the room.

Here are some decorating tips to make those cherished collectibles a focal point at different heights in a room.

Group Collectibles on the Floor or Table

Small items like buttons or sea shells can be placed on a side table or fireplace mantel. For ease of dusting, place small items in containers like mason or pickle jars or clear bowls (sugar bowl for a tiny collection).

Large pieces, but a small a collection like large baskets, can be grouped together beneath a tall table or other empty area. The baskets can be used to hold pictures, a small blanket, shoes, dried flowers, or another collection, like antique wooden or metal children’s toys. Baskets can be placed on the floor in the bathroom to hold towels, soap, sponges or toilet paper. Spray painting the baskets can make them more eye-catching.

Display Collectibles on a Shelf

A shelf over a window can display a treasured collection, creating a focal point that draws your eye to the window. Rows of shelves or built-in bookcases in a living room can display one or more collections, like books, small statues or busts, vases, crystal or china. In the family room, use shelves to display a collection of antique dolls, mugs or glassware. Shelves in the “man cave” could display collector beverage or oil cans. In the bathroom, a collection of shaving mugs, bud vases or perfume bottles can be displayed on a narrow shelf high on the wall, perhaps five feet above the floor.

Group Collectibles on a Wall

Hanging groups of similar items on the wall can add color and balance to a room. Possible collectible wall groupings may include decorative plates, antique clocks, wooden game boards, hats, phonograph records, antique mirrors, or unique, empty picture frames.

To visualize and balance the grouping before hanging the items on the wall, arrange them on the floor or trace the items on newspaper and tape the cut-out shapes to the wall.

Suspend Collectibles from the Ceiling

A large collection of baskets or copper or iron pots can be hung from a pot rack suspended from the ceiling of a kitchen or a country-themed family room with fire place. The baskets can remain empty or hold dried flowers or other collectibles like antique cooking spoons.


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