Decorating your child’s playroom can be one of the most fun and exciting rooms in the house to decorate. When it comes to creativity there are no limits in this room! When thinking about the decorating direction that you wish to travel in, remember that this room is all for the children and should be child friendly. It is best not to go with a theme that places an age category on the room. This way you can meet the needs of all of your children. If the room is being design for only one child, taking the age limits off will allow the room to grow with your child without much revamping and redecorating.
When thinking about decorating your child’s playroom, think right and vibrant colors. Try thinking of giving each wall a design of its own. Allow your child to feel that he or she is travelling to a new location by moving to each corner.

This can easily be achieved in your child’s playroom by painting each wall different. If you are not a daring person, simply choose a different primary or pastel color for each wall. However it is best not to mix primary and pastel colors together. Choose one or the other and stick with it.

If you dare to be more creative choose a theme of play for each wall. For example if you play to place a kitchen cooking set in one area then go with that them on the wall. You could add the image of a restaurant on the wall or simply paint a nice kitchen window looking out into the yard.

If one area will be the home to your son’s race cars and trucks then try adding some racing stripes and even a raceway to the connecting wall. Your daughter will love giving her a wall of very own princess castle and dress up area.

The beauty of using theme with each wall is that you can give each child his or her own play area all within the same room. The downfall is that rearranging will be limited, so make sure that you are settled with the floor plan before beginning.

When thinking about furniture for decorating your child’s playroom, think small. Everything should be accessible to your child without asking for your assistance. Air or bean bag chairs are great. I also think that adding a television on a small table is a wise idea. This way your child has his or her own area for watching cartoons and movies without disturbing your shows. Purchase a small shelf to store your child’s movies.

Purchasing tubs or bins for small toys works much better for clean-up than storing toys on shelving. Children are much more likely to clean up if they only have to throw things into a tub rather than place them on a shelf. Make sure that the tubs of baskets are small enough for your child to carry and lift if they are to be placed on a shelf for storage. Try to avoid taking up too much floor room, your child will need the area for play.