My four grandsons, who range from ages 1 to 10 years old, bring joy to my heart and watching them grow and learn makes being a grandmother even more enjoyable.
Spending time with my grandkids is precious, and I wanted to create a space just for “The Boys” where they can feel at home during visits with me. I decided to turn one of my spare bedrooms into a room especially for my grandchildren.

I first began small by placing a children table and chair set, covered with ABC letters so they would have a place to sit and read their books. I then added the names of my grandchildren to the wall with colorful stick able letters. I also added pictures of the special times we have enjoyed together to help personalize the space. I put toy holders on the wall, filled them with their favorite toys and games, and placed mats in fun colors on the floor. Next was the addition of the twin beds for overnight visits. I bought matching navy blue bedding and sheets with pictures of all different sports as the older boys are very active and love to play games. I displayed their favorite teddy bears; talking prayer bear, grace bear and Elmo on blue shelves giving the room a special touch.

Decorating a grand-kids room can be inexpensive and fun to do. I have complied 4 tips to get you started:

Painting the room a bright color can be a great way to add fun to the room. If you’re not into painting, you can leave the room white and adorn it with their favorite cartoon or Disney posters. Display the names of all the grandchildren on the wall with colorful stick able letters to create a personal touch to the space.

Twin beds or bunk beds are best to purchase if possible. Stackable toy holders or colorful boxes for organization and make putting the toys away a breeze. Table with chairs for fun activities that they can do in the room.

Bedspreads in bright colors or choose bedding with their favorite cartoon or movie character. Matching valances for the windows. Football and car pillows for boys or dolls and cartoon character pillows for girls add creativity to bedding.

Colorful frames add a fun element to displaying photos of special times together. Bright floor mats make sitting down on the floor loads of fun, and makes games, and puzzles easier to play. Wall shelves are a creative way to place books and pictures in the room. Wall lighting in star, sun or moon shapes are exciting for young kids. Colorful rugs in shapes of cars and animals are always a winner.

I hope that all grandmothers will find these helpful tips to be useful and venture out to decorate a space for their grandchildren. Remember, decorating the room can be a lengthy process so please take your time and enjoy creating the space.