The dorm room is a personal space all of your own, often the first independent personal space that one will have as a young adult. It is important to define the space, making it successful for a working area, as well as a relaxed area in which one can wind down from the stress of their classes. How do we make a dorm room seem more like home with the empty walls and bland furniture? Read on for some tips to take your dorm room to the next level.
What theme of decor would you like to go for? Do you want your room to be the dorm room that everyone wants to be in? Do you want your dorm room to be the dorm room with the latest party? A haven where you can wind down from your classes or maybe a place you can listen to music, and enjoy your personal space. Whatever your interests, the dorm room should reflect personal interests, likes and personality.

Too many times we see two common themes in the dorm rooms of young men, drinking – with shelves of empty bottles of alcohol, or sports, where we see posters and paraphernalia of the favorite local sports team. Here are some ways to avoid these overused decor and cliche while bringing your dorm room into the future.

Many colleges allow furniture to be brought into the dorm room, and this not only updates the space, as much of the existing furniture is outdated but it allows you to bring in the comforts of home. Storage is essential in a dorm room, and therefore it is important to look for furniture that has more than one use.

Bring in a rug that feels good on the feet, so that comfort will be an aspect in the room. Many of the carpets in the existing dorm rooms have been there for generations. Bringing in new floor coverings can reinvent the space.

Are you a light sleeper? Do you need it to be dark while you sleep? Consider changing up the curtains or drapes as well as the curtain rod to give the dorm room a refined look. Making a small change such as this can create a room all of your own. As well, the curtains can add double duty by keeping the room cooler in the spring and summer months, and warmer during the winter months.

Consider a large piece of art, sports related optional, to create a focal point of the room. This means that when people enter, they see this right away, and it creates the theme of the room.

Use this focal point to design the rest of the room from the duvet covers, and fabrics to accessories within the room. This will ensure that the room flows, as with small spaces, its important to ensure that everything matches.