Boys of all ages seem to have a fascination with sports and each has his favorite team or teams. Decorating a bedroom in a sports related theme is easy and can be an affordable and whether one chooses to go with one particular sport or a variety of sports, the outcome will be delightful to young and old alike.
A headboard can be constructed of 4 baseball bats, 1 on each side with 2 at the top, end to end. Place these on a piece of painted ply wood and screw down securely. Attach the plywood to 2 sturdy 2X4X6 pieces of lumber and attach to bed frame. The plywood can be decorated with sports posters or cards or with cutouts of different sports equipment such as baseballs, footballs, tennis rackets, hockey sticks etc.

Go with a solid comforter and skirt in the color of a favorite sports team. For example, Green Bay Packers would be a green comforter with a gold bed skirt. Add decorative pillows in the shapes of sports balls. Finish with throw rugs in matching colors or a large room sized rug with a sports theme on it such as a football field.

A wall mural is always fun and makes even a small room look larger. There are murals of sports stadiums that fill an entire wall and give the illusion of being at the ball field. If this is a little more than one wants to tackle, try wallies instead. Wallies are small stick on appliqu├ęs that can be placed on the walls to create ones own illusion. These come in many sports themes and players as well.

Border paper brings the room together and can be created with ones own imagination. A solid colored wall paper can be cut to a 5 inch height and can then be decorated with sports cards, ticket stubs and magazine cut-outs of players. This process is limited to only the imagination. Having the child decorate the border paper is a great way to get them involved in the decorating process.

There is an unlimited supply of accessories that can be added to finish off a room in a sports theme. Football or baseball shaped storage box, a lamp made of a miniature baseball bat with a shade that resemble a baseball. Sports figurines in all sizes can be placed on shelves and a real sports locker can be added in which the child to keep his more treasured memorabilia.