Blue is a primary color that symbolizes tranquility, serenity, relaxation, healing, and peace. Abundant in the natural world, it is the color of oceans and skies. It can be the hue of eyes, birds, fish, flowers, fruit, stones, and jewels. Gazing at this color can soothe a headache, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and even help quiet the mind for sleep. Creating a room with a predominantly blue colored theme can be inexpensive, creative, and fun! I can tell you from personal experience, that our blue family room was an enjoyable delight to create and is a soothing haven to frequent in our home. I will share the five main steps that our family took to bring our blue room successfully to fruition. I will also suggest places where you can obtain the items we used as accents to personalize the room.
Five Step Style Guide for Decorating a Blue Room

Step One: Set a reasonable financial budget and timeline for your blue room project and stick to it. Know exactly how much money you can spend before starting this creation. Think also about the time it will take you to achieve your goal. Give yourself ample time to properly complete this task. Maybe after work on week nights is good for you, or maybe, you are fortunate enough to have a weekend off. Better still, perhaps you have some vacation time coming that you can claim. You know you and your family’s schedules best so use this knowledge to plan accordingly.

Step Two: Decide the central theme of the room. Will this be a child or teenager’s room? How about an adult’s bedroom or home office space? Will it be a bathroom or family room? Will it be a dining area, kitchen, or adult’s retreat/meditation room? Knowing beforehand exactly how the room will be used is a priority before any decorating can be done. We went with an aquatic themed family room as a tribute to my husband, Richard, who loves fish.

Step Three: After we decided that the room was to be a family room, decorated in a tropical fish theme, the next thing we did was select the shade of blue that we wanted for the room. We chose a non-toxic water-based paint in a deep island blue that we found at Home Depot. Take your time when selecting the shade of blue for your room. If you feel overwhelmed or unsure, buy small sample cans and paint a few strokes on the wall to see which one you and/or your family like best. Be sure to also purchase spackle, (to smooth out any unevenness on the wall’s surface) a base coat, paint rollers, trays, brushes, painter’s tape, and tarps. (Remember to work these costs into your budget before you purchase any of these items.) Apply a base coat to your clean dry walls before painting. (Clean walls with a simple Borax and warm water solution: one half cup of Borax mixed with two gallons of warm water. Use a wet rag to wipe clean.)

Step Four: Decorate and accessorize your newly painted blue room. This step we found to be the most fun! The whole family can participate in the adventure, too. Like a lot of people we know, we could not afford to spend a great deal of money on such things so we had to be creatively resourceful. Choose your accessories wisely. Think about the amount of space you have to work with and how much of that space you would want to use for room furniture and accessories. We re-purposed old unused furniture and gave some of the pieces an instant makeover with blue table cloths, table runners, (you can find these at most super department stores like K-Mart, Target, Wal-Mart, etc.) and fish themed furniture covers that I made from soft, cozy velveteen and polar fleece blankets from a mail order catalogue and The Christmas Tree Store. Aquatic styled pillows were easy for us to find on sale at Big Lots. We bought fish themed collectible plates from sellers on and hung them on the walls. We frequented dollar stores and found a few fish posters that were actually framed and ready to be hung! (You can also buy fish calendars and frames at most dollar stores to make your own instant wall art.) We rummaged through flea markets and yard sales to acquire blue glass bottles, candle holders, and glass fish figurines. A.C. Moore, Cape May Wicker, and The Christmas Tree Store, were great stores for us to discover inexpensive aquatic and tropical themed accessories. We found metal fish wall art, fish picture frames, and fish themed bar accessories at this store. Shelving was made extremely easy by one trip to IKEA! (Keep the shade of blue in mind when selecting your shelves. We chose white shelving to compliment the deep island blue walls.) Make sure that you save all receipts, when receipts apply to your purchase. (Obviously, flea market and yard sale finds will not be returnable.)

Step Five: Limit what you actually use to create the theme in your blue room. Try not to overdo it or overload your new beautiful blue room with too many accessories. If you have found in hindsight that you purchased too many items, take some of the ones you know you will not use back to the store for credit or a refund.

I hope that you find creating a blue room an enjoyable rewarding process and that your newly finished haven brings you unlimited serenity, relaxation, and peace.