The bathroom may be the last room in the house you choose to decorate. Decorating budgets are better spent on stylish living rooms, plush bedrooms, and sparkling kitchens. If you want to decorate your bathroom on a budget, consider shopping at the local flea market. Find stylish decor items that will make your bathroom an oasis without spending a lot of money.
Bathroom Decor at the Flea Market – Structural Basics

The first thing to consider when decorating your bathroom on a budget at the flea market is structural items. These can include cabinets, small furniture, storage containers, and similar items. Make sure you know the dimensions of the spaces in your bathroom you want to fill before going to the flea market.

Cabinets may be difficult to find at a flea market because most vendors do not like to transport large items. However, small tables, single chairs, plant stands, and shelving can often be found. Do not worry if the pieces do not match. Down the next aisle at the flea market you may find a new gallon of paint or stain.

Storage items can be found at flea markets regularly. While plastic boxes can be useful, they are not very decorative. Consider buying large baskets to store towels, toiletries, and tissue.

Bathroom Decor at the Flea Market – Soft Furnishings

A large part of decorating a bathroom on a budget is finding inexpensive towels, rugs, and curtains. Think of a color scheme before you leave home. When purchasing bathroom towels at the flea market, purchase new items or gently used ones. Be sure to wash everything carefully before using.

Be creative! A set of sheets can be fashioned into curtains easily, and even a large scarf or wrap can add style to your bathroom. Train your eye to spot colors and styles of fabric, and then let your mind create. You will save money and have great decorator style.

Bathroom Decor at the Flea Market – Accent Pieces

The easiest bathroom decor to find at the flea market is accent pieces. Flea market vendors’ tables are chock full of knick-knacks, small statues, framed prints and posters, and other decor items. You can find larger bathroom decor items like lamps as well. Before going to the flea market to decorate your bathroom on a budget, think of a theme you want to use for the decor. If you choose, for example, tropical fish theme, keep your eye out for anything that has to do with tropical fish. It is easy to decorate your bathroom on a budget at the flea market if you have a plan in mind.