By the time you pay for all the items to give one room a theme look you’ve spent plenty of cash. Coordinating lamps, wall hangings, linens, curtains, even small things like coasters or drawer knobs, can cost a fortune. There’s a different way to have a coordinated theme look for any room and spend only a fraction of the money.
Wall murals have been around for ages but nowadays, new designs in paper and images make them completely different than the old fashioned type of murals. The new murals are more vivid and much easier to hang. And, some are even printed on clear adhesive backing so there are breaks in the design that show your own painted walls between the images.

Wall murals make decorating easy. You just choose a theme, like jungle, seas, gardens, clouds, or children’s themes and you’re able to do an entire wall in no time. After doing the wall you only need to add a few more things, like color coordinated bedding, to complete the look of the room.

Something similar to the wall murals are the new wall tattoos. They come in themes as well and make it easy to do large or small areas in the theme design. The great thing about them is that they go on easily and can be placed anywhere. Purchase a wall tattoo theme, such as a large oak tree, and it will come with several smaller designs, like butterflies, picket fences, birds or other designs.

The wall tattoos are designed to go on like rub-on appliques. Tape the entire design to the wall, use a popsicle stick to rub it onto the wall, then peel away the paper. Although the tattoos aren’t stencils, so they can’t be reused, they are designed to last a long time with simple care. Just wipe the design off with a damp cloth, every so often, and that’s all the care they need.

Because of the way they’re made the tattoos are easily applied to unusual surfaces such as a shower door, toilet seat, window blinds, tub front, floor, onto wallpaper, or even metal. Some surfaces may require you to add clear coat lacquer over the top of the design to prevent it from being ruined. Apply several coats of the lacquer to semi-gloss surfaces, furniture, floors, high moisture areas and high traffic areas. There’s no need to apply it to low-sheen painted walls.

Since you can choose from many designs in one category, you can decide on a large selection for an entire wall, a small group of tattoos for lamps and accessories, or teeny-tiny ones for drawer knobs and edging. And you can choose from miscellaneous designs, such as vines, ponds, grass and ferns, potted plants and more, that are made to blend with many different themes.

Instead of spending big money on theme linens and curtains just choose an image from the wall tattoo, like a golden rope around a giant crock, and put a real golden rope around your bedroom curtains. Or, if your theme is butterflies and shade trees, purchase real appliques of butterflies and use fabric glue to attach them to your bed quilt.

Since the wall tattoos and murals can be used to decorate the bed and headboard, dressers, mirrors, doors, knobs, lamp shades, shelves, night stands and most everything in the room, you’ll only need to add curtains, bedding and rugs to match the colors of the theme.

Best of all, you can do a theme room in a portion of a day without having to remove and replace everything. The wall tattoos can be found online or at some home decor shops. With them you can decorate any room of the house, just a corner in a room, or only some small decorative items. You’ll love the look and how easy it is to maintain.