Pink and blue are traditional color schemes in a baby nursery; they are often paired with ruffles and softness. Not always so with modern decor. How can you decorate your baby’s bedroom when the rest of your house is very contemporary? It is actually very easy — possibly easier — to design a contemporary nursery. Don’t know your baby’s gender yet? Contemporary nurseries typically use gender-neutral colors and themes, so it’s not a problem to decorate the room ahead of time.
1. Keep it simple. Modern meets functionality with minimalism, clean lines and overall simplicity. Avoid frills and stuffed animals piled in the corner. Keep these things, if you must, behind closed doors and inside decorative boxes or baskets. The original nursery will be the backdrop for change as your child grows.

2. Use geometric patterns. Just because it is simple, it doesn’t have to be boring. Mix a small amount of geometric patterns and organic shapes with solid colors. Areas where you might include pattern include: bedding, rugs, curtains and wall art.

3. Create movement and stimulation. You will also want to create a sense of mobility in a modern baby nursery. Start with a mobile to stimulate your child’s mind. Add furniture that sits on casters so it can be easily moved around as your child grows and your needs change.

4. Avoid themes and schemes. Your child isn’t even born yet; how could you possibly know what his or her interests will be? Keep a contemporary theme, and let your child decide for himself or herself later on. Again, a simple, contemporary scheme will serve as a blank slate when that time comes.

5. Add in pops of color. Use mostly neutral colors, contrasting light and dark, with a pop of color here and there. And, of course, use gender-neutral colors; orange, green, red and brown all work nicely in a modern bedroom. Just avoid using too much of one color.

The contemporary style is all about simplicity. If your home is more modern than traditional, you will likely want to continue that trend into your baby’s bedroom. Just remember to keep it simple, use geometric patterns, create movement, avoid themes and add pops of color to the decor.

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