So, the tree, the garland and all of the festive holiday decorations are packed up for another year. If you are like me, you look around and sigh, because now your living room looks empty and blah, with all the shiny, festive decorations gone. You can turn your room into a warm cozy retreat that your family will enjoy on a cold winters night.
Drag out the Afghans or Quilts

Most everyone has afghans or quilts stored in a closet. A bright patchwork quilt or a soft afghan draped over the back of the couch will make it appear warm and inviting. The afghan or quilt will be easily accessible on a cold snowy evening and is a soft and cozy place to snuggle while watching television.

If you really don’t have an afghan or quilt, you can drape the back of the couch with a couple of small fleece blankets. You can choose warm cozy colors or you can use them as room accents to add some cheer. You can buy these fleece blankets at a dollar store for just a few dollars.

Add a Small Electric Heater with Artificial Flames

There is nothing more relaxing then watching flames dance across the top of glowing embers. If you don’t have the luxury of a fireplace, you can buy a small electric heater that simulates a fire. They come in many styles. I have an old fashioned looking stove that is all black and has a tiny window where the flames dance against a mirrored background. It adds warmth on a chilly night and I love watching the flames. Mine stays out all year long because it is just to pretty to hide until next year.

The heater is a bit of an expensive purchase as it will cost about $100.00 but it can help supplement your heat and even save turning the furnace up on really cold nights. The one I have allows you to turn the heat off and just run the flames if you live in a warmer climate.

Use Earth Tone Pillows on the Couch

Nothing says cozy like a bunch of soft throw pillows lined up on the couch. You can color coordinate them to your decorating scheme or be bold and add earth tones like browns and dark greens. Your couch will scream, “Snuggle in.” And isn’t that just what you want to do on a cold winters eve?

The holidays were bright and hectic, so why not create a warm cozy living room so that you can relax and recuperate from the last couple of months of shopping, decorating and party going? Turn the fire on, grab a blanket, a cup of coffee and put your feet up….you deserve it, right?