Home decorating can be expensive and time consuming. It does not need to be. Changing just one or two key things in a room can have a dramatic effect and save you the cost of a total room overhaul.
After you spend all weekend painting the wall a new color, put a paint swatch in your wallet so that when you are out looking accessories for the new room, you can easily match the color.

To make a room appear larger and give it more character, add a grouping of mirrored tiles in a random pattern. Use adhesive tiles or purchase wall adhesive to make the tiles stick.

If you are decorating a child’s room, consider painting the wall a solid color and cut circles of various sizes from wall paper. Paint the circles in a variety of colors and mount them on the wall using water. The child can help paint the circles and decide where they go. When mounted on the wall it will look like bubbles or balloons of color floating across the wall. When you want to change the color scheme, simply remove the wall paper circles with some water and wall paper paste remover.

To create an inexpensive head board, find a large piece of fabric or a geometric quilt and hang it on a wooden dowel or wall-mounted curtain rod right behind the bed. If you want something that won’t fall off the wall, consider buying foam board from the fabric store or craft store, staple padding on the foam board and then cover with a beautiful piece of fabric. Use foam tape or velco on the back of the foam board to make it stick to the wall. You will have a padded head board that can be easily changed when the mood suits you.

Foam board can also be used to add dimension to a wall. Cut the foam board into any shape your child or you want, such as fire truck, starfish, goldfish, flowers, palm tree, then either cover the foam board with brightly colored fabric or buy marker paints at the craft store. Marker paint comes in a tube like a big fat magic marker and it does not soak through the foam board.

A fast and simple way to change the look of your bathroom is to change the shower curtain. As this is the largest thing in the room, it is amazing what a difference just changing the curtain will do to the look of the whole room.

Fabric shower curtains make great curtains for the kid’s rooms too. They come in kid friendly designs and will slide on any curtain rod. Some are so pretty, they would look good in the master bedroom as well. There is such a variety of shower rings available, you are sure to find one that fits your style. To shorten a fabric shower curtain, use a sharp pair of scissors and then iron the hem with heat dissolving hem tape available at any store where sewing supplies are sold.