Do you watch interior decorators on television in admiration? Do you look around your home wishing you could decorate your place with the same flair of style? Do you wish that you had the money to spend on an interior decorator of your own?
It’s easier than you think. All you need is a little bit of cash (just a little can go a long way), a little patience, and a few pictures of inspiration.

Mission #1: Find inspiration and form a style

First, before you go anywhere to look for anything…you need a style. You should search designer photos for rooms that make you feel at home. Finding photos are easy if you search online. Simply search for “interior design photos” or “photos of designer rooms”. You must do some soul searching. Are you looking for a traditional style, modern, European, or eclectic. Do you like dark colors, earth tones, or solid white? If you look at a photo and say ” That’s really pretty, but not feasible in my home”, then that is probably not your style. All of these questions must be answered before you can achieve decorating success.

Mission #2: Shop for decor

So now that you’ve found your design element, now you need to figure out what you will need to buy for your room. When you look at the pictures for inspiration, you should really find one picture of a room that really is what you are trying to achieve. For the sake of example let’s just say that you are wanting to decorate your family room. Before you go to town, go through your house. By reusing your decor and furniture, you will find new life in things you didn’t know were a possibility.

Perhaps you have an old end table end table in your basement. Do you remember that tall, metal flower pot that you used for petunias last year? What about that greenery bush sitting on the top shelf in your closet, do you think that it looks pretty tucked back in the closet?

Before you leave your driveway, please remember three things. You only have a little bit of cash, don’t buy the first thing you see, and stick to your plan. Your first stop should be to the home improvement store. You will need to find three color swatches. Remember your inspiration photo? Find three coordinating colors and use it for your “color pallet”, as the designers say. You will not be buying paint today. Save that project for another day. Right now, only focus on decorating your home. After you choose your three colors, please remember that you will not buy everything the same colors. That would be redundant. Buy items of colors which compliment of “accent” your main colors.

Visit stores like Walmart and Target for wall decor. Find items that you like and take note of the price. Remember you only have $150 to work with, do not buy the first thing you see. From there, you should visit stores like Tuesday Mornings, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, those are the stores that have great deals on decor and even furniture. If you live near an outlet mall, shop the clearance shelves for potentials.

You can find great deals on lamps and rugs for a lot less than the original price. Let’s say you find an area rug. It is possible to find one for less than $40 . What a bargain! You walk a few shelves over and see a set of pictures almost identical to the ones in the inspirational picture. They are less than $10 each. So far, so good. While at another store, you find throw pillows that coordinate with your couch. It is possible to find throw pillows for $5-$7.

Also look for scratch and dent items. Sometimes, you can talk the manager into giving you a small discount because of the damage. If you do not think that the discount is enough compensation for the damage, don’t buy it. It might be too much of a hassle to repair or replace.

Another great place to shop is dollar stores. Stores like the Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Fred’s sometimes have great decorating items. Some Fred’s stores have rather large home decor sections where you can buy greenery, vases, candle sticks, lamps and clocks. You will just have to search the shelves, quite possibly more than once.

Mission #3: Decorate

Start by rearranging the furniture placement if you can. Center your new area rug in front of your couch and put your new throw pillows onto your couch. When hanging your pictures, hang them eye level, in the middle of the wall. If you have to look up to see the picture, they are too high. Remember that metal flower pot you found earlier? Spray paint it a coordinating color and make and arrangement in it using the flowers and greenery bushes that you bought at one of the dollar stores. Display your family photos in the photo frames that you purchased for $3 a piece. Now it’s time to put a table cloth over that old end table that you will reuse, and set your new lamp there. Who would’ve thought!

Mission Completed

Turn around, decorator! You did it! And you did it all for $150 or less by shopping the clearance racks, the overstock deals and the dollar store finds, not to mention the money you saved by reusing your decor. Now then, you can save another $150 or so and buy some paint to spruce up the walls.