If you are into the Asian culture and appreciate things from the Far East, then you need a Shoji Screen in you interior decorating scheme. The Shoji Screen will be the perfect window treatment for your windows with its uncomplicated design and down-to-earth lines. The Shoji Screen window treatment will add to the feeling of harmony in any room where it is used.
The Shoji Screen can be purchased, but why spend the money when you can design your own Shoji Screen and have exactly what you need to fit with the d├ęcor of your home? The simplicity of a Shoji Screen goes beyond its design to the practicality of its upkeep, installation and the ease with which it can be made. The material used to make a Shoji Screen is heavy enough to block the view into the room while still allowing a soft light to illuminate the room. It will add a muted softness to the room while blocking out unwanted sights such as an alleyway outside the window.

To begin the construction of your Shoji Screen, you will need a few supplies. These include black paint, a square wooden trellis, the measurements of your window, a small brush of some sort to paint the Shoji Screen with, a precision cutting tool, staples and staple gun, a wood drill, mechanisms to hang the Shoji Screen with, heavy opaque paper, pliers, a coat hanger, and wire cutters.

The first step to making your Shoji Screen is to measure the inside of your window aperture. Hold the wooden trellis to the window and cut the squares nearest to the edges of your window. The next step is applying the black paint to the trellis. After the paint dries, staple the paper behind the frame making sure you cut away areas where the paper overlaps. Attach your mechanisms for hanging the Shoji Screen to the back of the frame. Hang your Shoji Screen so the underside just touches the lower edge of your window. Use the coat hangers to make “S” hooks for hanging your Shoji Screen. This will complete the steps for your inexpensive simple Shoji Screen

A Shoji Screen can add a sense of calm and placidness to your interior decorating. If you are into the less encumbered designs of the Far East, make your own Shoji Screen from lattice, paper, black paint and coat hangers. It will give your room a softer appeal while blocking out your neighbors.