Completely redecorating a bedroom can be difficult and expensive. But focusing on sleek styles and functionality can make everything much easier, both on the eyes and the budget.
Colors are important. For teens girls, you will want to focus mainly on bright primary color, such as green and purple. For boys, keep the colors low-key, such as a dusty blue or faded red. Their school colors are also good choices for those actively involved in their school.

Focus on Furniture. If your teen wants a complete overhaul, you will want to find the cheapest and most versatile furniture available. Futons are great for that; they can be a sofa by day, a bed by night. Or a loft bed can be perfect for small rooms; you can even purchase models that have a desk in the space beneath. As for seating, bubble furniture or beanbags are modern, cheap, and comfortable.

Chalk Paint. Once used mainly in young children’s rooms, this paint (which transforms any surface into a chalk board) makes for an interesting decoration. Simply outline a shape on the wall (square, diamond, zig-zag, you name it!), fill it in with the chalk paint, and let it dry. When it’s done, you can use regular paint to outline it. You’ve created a designer chalk board!

For Storage, sleeker is better. Buying plastic filing cabinets from the local department store and setting them up in your teen’s closet could be all that’s needed. For a little more pizzazz, try bright, primary colored hangers and matching curtains, instead of a closet door. For teens without a closet, a hanging organizer in an obscure corner could be just what the doctor ordered.

Extras matter. Does your teen have a fish? Relocate it to a new bowl that hangs on the wall (add in a few surrounding mirrors for added effect) or buy it a new, cylindrical aquarium. Growing boy? A mini-fridge filled with their favorite snacks stashed away hotel-style (under the television, in the closet) might be their dream come true.

All of these, plus a little ingenuity and creativity, can transform a bland room into a teenage paradise.