Interior decorating is just matching up paint colors, right? Wrong! Although many people assume that interior decorating is little more than selecting a pretty paint color, there is a lot more to it. If you have ever attempted to redecorate a room on your own, you’ll know that it can be a complicated process. Here, we’ll look at 10 interior decorating mistakes you can avoid.

Interior decorating mistake # 1 – Overwhelming patterns

Placing too much of the same pattern in a room is a common decorating mistake. Novice decorators will often find a design they like, and because they don’t know how to decorate around it, they will just repeat the same pattern everywhere in the room. For example, they’ll have grape leave curtains, grape leave wallpaper, grape leave pillows, grape leaves comforter, and so on. It’s just too much of a good thing.

Avoid this common decorating mistake by selecting one or two pieces with the pattern you like, and then pull out coordinating colors that you can accent around the room.

Interior decorating mistake # 2 – Select fabrics first

A common decorating mistake is buying things in the wrong order. If you select your paint color first, and then try to find matching fabrics and prints to go with the color, you’ll have a very difficult job on your hands. Instead, select fabrics first and then shop for your paint and accessories.

Interior decorating mistake # 3 – Picture placement

All to often, pictures and decorative mirrors are hung at the wrong height. When working with a standard eight foot ceiling, you will want the center of the picture to reach a height of 60″. Commonly, people are advised to hang artwork at eye level, but since everyone’s eye level is at a varying height, 60″ is a more accurate measurement.

Interior decorating mistake # 4 – Measure furniture before you buy

When buying new furniture, take the time to measure the room you will be placing it in. Take into consideration doors, windows, and floor heating vents. It’s best to draw a small diagram of the room, indicating the measurements for each wall separately. Bring a measuring tape with you to the furniture store so you can measure each piece you are considering. This will insure a proper furniture fit.

Interior decorating mistake # 5 – Don’t mix wood tones

Find a wood tone you like and stick with it. For example, if you have a dark cherry entertainment center, don’t buy a light birch coffee table. Keep things flowing with one consistent wood tone. If you want to break up the wood in the room, consider using a glass-top or stone-top table.

Interior decorating mistake # 6 – Don’t forget the lighting

Adequate lighting is an important component in interior design. Every room should have three basic lighting elements – General lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. General lighting is the light that you use to walk through a room. Task lighting is the light that you use to perform small tasks such as reading. Accent lighting is what sets the mood of the room. To learn more about Light Layering Basics,CLICK HERE.

Interior decorating mistake # 7 – Don’t be afraid of color

With so many glorious paint colors on the market, why settle for white in every room? Don’t be afraid to add a little color to your walls. Many paint companies offer inexpensive sample sizes of paint which allow you to paint a small area to get a feel for the color. Glidden Paint has an impressive line of ‘Harvest Colors’ that include colors ranging from a rich cream gold to a bold and beautiful mahogany. Discover the beautiful options available HERE.

Interior decorating mistake # 8 – Cut back the clutter

No matter how well a room is decorated, if it’s cluttered, you can’t enjoy it. By far, one of the most common decorating mistakes people make is not removing their unused furniture from a room. Get rid of all the excess and relocate it elsewhere. If you are in need of somewhere to store items, consider purchasing an inexpensive ottoman that can lift up and store things (out of sight) inside.

Interior decorating mistake # 9 – Chandelier height

If you will be hanging a chandelier over a dining room table, remember not to hang it more than 36″ – 42″ above the table. Hang it lower, and guests will hit their heads on it. Hang it higher, and it will look out of place and draw attention to the ceiling.

Interior decorating mistake # 10 – Chair rail height

Chair rail is a molding that is used to prevent furniture from rubbing up against the wall. It’s also used to keep doorknobs from banging into walls. I recommend chair rail to everyone, as it looks nice and keeps the walls in good condition. If, however, chair rail is not installed at the proper height, it is useless. The proper height that chair rail should be installed is 36″.

Avoid these common decorating mistakes, and impress your friends with a beautiful room that you decorated yourself. Good luck!